Trekking with Kirk 2023 Update

2023 was a big year for Trekking with Kirk!

1/8/20241 min read

This year, Twk collected 4,150 pairs of socks. We didn't reach our goal of 5000 but are grateful for every single donation received!

Bags of socks were delivered to:

  • The Branches | Rio Grande, NJ

  • You Are Worth It | Spring City, PA

  • Saint Peter’s United Church of Christ | Knauertown, PA

  • Leeanne’s Life Changing Fairies | Pottstown, PA

  • The Ministries at Main Street | Pottstown, PA

  • The Everywhere Project Community Outreach | Philadelphia, PA

  • Orion Communities Inc. | Phoenixville, PA

  • Savage Sisters | Philadelphia, PA

  • Center for Urban Community Services | New York, NY

We will continue to distribute the lighter weight socks in the spring to ensure fresh clean socks in the warmer weather.

Thanks to all who donated, who shared our fundraising information, who offered their time and efforts. We are grateful, always grateful, for you.