In loving memory: Kirk M. Fakete

Trekking With Kirk is a non-profit organization founded by Jeri Humm Fakete in 2020 in honor of her son, Kirk M. Fakete.

When Kirk passed away in 2019, he left behind over 50 pairs of unique and interesting socks, his favorite accessory. Jeri distributed them to his friends and loved ones, asking them to wear their socks in their travels and therefore bring a little piece of Kirk with them wherever they go. In the following year, his socks went further than they ever would have on two feet - they traveled cross-country, flew to Europe, hiked mountaintops, swam in oceans, marched in protests, stood in voting lines and more.

The following year, Jeri organized a sock drive in Kirk's honor, with a goal of donating socks to Philadelphia's unsheltered community for the coming winter. She was surprised to receive over a thousand pairs of socks(!) - more than enough for every single
unsheltered Philadelphian. The overflow went to organizations providing critical services across the tri-state area including Prevention Point Philadelphia, Breaking Ground in Brooklyn, Mercy Center Bronx, The Branches Outreach, and Pottstown Bible Church Mission.

The next chapter of the story starts with this site. 100% of donations and purchase proceeds go directly towards annual sock drives, as well as providing funding for organizations involved in homeless services, rehabilitation and treatment programs, and public policy advocacy.

Thank you for #TrekkingWithKirk

We will touch our feet, yes,

Yes for all we're worth,

And we will love each other, yes,

Yes, like we love our Mother Earth.

–The Books of Bokonon